Sunday, July 3, 2011

I can do this

For the last approximately 20 years of my life, I have lived in a constant belief of "I can not" do this or "I am not" that. I've had myself believing the lie for so long that I really could not, and that really I was not.

Well, recently, I've discovered that I can.

I've never considered myself good at certain things. I grew up a tom boy and an athlete. Things like creativity, fashion, and culinary art were all things that I believed I was unable to do. I went through high school, college, and 5 years of marriage before I finally realized that I can cook, and that I can be creative.

I learned that I can make jewelry, after starting to take lessons from a friend. I can make beautiful, handmade creations that my family and friends love. I am starting to get past the lies I have built up over the years, and embraced the fact that I am creative, and that I can use my creativity to make something worthwhile.

For once, I feel liberated. My dream now is to start my own handmade jewelry business. I am so in love with this new hobby, I spend almost all my spare time coming up with new (to me) ideas. I am still learning, and will be hopefully for a long time to come.

The intention of this blog will take you with me on my new journey. I am just starting to learn- I have only been taking lessons for about a month now, but I am so in love with this new hobby, and whole new mindset as well. Thank you for sharing the journey with me!