Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love & Inspiration

My New Business
Is Named for a Wonderful Place I Adore..
 My Grandmother's Flower Garden

     My Grandmother Lillian was an
Amazing Woman!
 Her Kindness
Creativity & Compassion

 Greatly Influenced Who I Am Today
I Love and Miss Her Tremendously!


Growing up
I used to spend hours with her
enveloped by the gardens she created
even though she is gone,

 many of her flowers still BLOOM today
carrying on her legacy of 
Beauty, Love and a Passion for Life!

My Wish Is....

 That Her Creative Passion
can be seen in what
 I Create

When wearing a piece from my collection
Please Know 
I have Crafted it with the Hope that You might find a
 Beauty & Happiness

like the Gardens of My Grandmother
Brought to My Life

and thus the name
"Jardin de Lillian"

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  1. Such a sweet story Kay! My business was inspired by my Nana Claire! Nice to know that they live on thru us!


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