Monday, October 24, 2011

Swinging from the Chandeliers..

I've only been making jewelry for about 6 months
I started by taking a class...

I Became Addicted to Making Earrings
Of course I started simple.......
That Soon Changed

 I couldn't wait any longer for my teacher
So I purchased a base
to make myself "Chandelier" earrings

 Clearly you can see
 I LOVE Silver!
It had five holes but I chose to only use three

 I had Found the Coolest
Iridescent Glass Beads
I Just Had to Use!!

They "Reflect Light"
Soooo Beautifully That They 
Change Color
 Your Every Movement

These Little Beauties
 I Chose to Flank

The Blue Summer Sky Bead
Took Center Stage

A Glistening
Antiqued Silver Heart
Giving it Weight & Balance

They lightly move, dangle, swinging around your face
The Reflection of an Early Morning Sky

With Every Experiment
I LOVE the Process
More & More
I've become my own teacher

And Just Think....
I Grew Up Believing I Wasn't Creative
(insert girlish giggles)

See Ya Next Time & Remember....

Pass the LOVE on....

The DIY Show Off
The Girl Creative

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